Who Needs Love Like That
Heavenly Action
Oh Lamour
It Doesn't Have To Be
Victim Of Love
The Circus
Ship Of Fools
Chains Of Love
A Little Respect
Crackers International
You Surround Me
Blue Savannah
La Gloria
Love To Hate You
Rock Me Gently
Am I Right
Breath Of Life
Push Me Shove Me (ERAS1)
Who Needs Love Like That (ERAS2)
Sometimes (ERAS3)
Voulez Vous (ERAS4)
Who Needs Love Like That (1992)
Run To The Sun
I Love Saturday
Stay With Me
Fingers And Thumbs
In My Arms
Don't Say Your Love Is Killing Me
Moon and the sky
Solsbury Hill
&nbsp - (3 items)
Don't Say You Love Me
Here I Go Impossible Again - All This Time
I Could Fall In Love With You
Sunday Girl
Storm Chaser
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Erasure - Breathe

UK   US  

Artist: Erasure
Title: Breathe
Format: CD
Catalouge number: CDMute330
Country: UK
Label: Mute
Release Year:
Press: Normal release


CD 1. Breathe Single Version 3.49
  2. Gone Crazy Single Version 3.26

Remixed/Produced by:

CD 1. Tom Elmhirst
  2. Tom Elmhirst


Artist: Erasure
Title: Breathe
Format: LCD
Catalouge number: LCDMute330
Country: UK
Label: Mute
Release Year:
Press: Normal release


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CD 1. Breathe LMC Extended Club Mix 6.11
  2. Breathe When Andy Bell Met Manhattan Clique Extended Remix 7.18
  3. Breathe Acoustic Version 4.01

Remixed/Produced by:

CD 1. LMC (Lee Monteverde, Matt Cadman, Cris Nuttall)
  2. Andy Bell, Manhattan Clique (Chris Smith, Philip Larsen)
  3. Steve Walsh


UK   US  

Artist: Erasure
Title: Breathe
Format: 12"
Catalouge number: MUSDJ165-0
Country: US
Label: Mute
Release Year:
Press: Promo


US Promo 12"

A 1. Breathe Pete Heller's Phela Club Mix 7.11
  2. Breathe When Andy Bell Met Manhattan Clique Extended Remix 7.18
B 1. Breathe LMC Extended Club Mix 6.11
  2. Breathe Pete Heller's Phela Dub Mix 8.04

Remixed/Produced by:

A 1. Pete Heller
  2. Andy Bell, Manhattan Clique (Chris Smith, Philip Larsen)
B 1. LMC (Lee Monteverde, Matt Cadman, Cris Nuttall)
  2. Pete Heller