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Yazoo - Special DJ Copy


Artist: Yazoo
Title: Special DJ Copy
Format: LP
Catalouge number: PS-233
Country: Jpn
Label: WB Pioneer
Release Year:
Press: Promo


Rare Japan DJ Promo LP in promo sleeve

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A 1. Walk Away From Love LP Version 3.18
  2. Nobody's Diary LP Version 4.30
  3. Don't Go 7" Version 2.55
B 1. Only You 7" Version 3.10
  2. The Other Side Of Love 7" Version 3.02
  3. Situation US 7" Version 3.44

Remixed/Produced by:

A 1. Eric Radcliffe
  2. Eric Radcliffe
  3. Daniel Miller, Eric Radcliffe
B 1. Daniel Miller, Eric Radcliffe
  2. Eric Radcliffe
  3. Daniel Miller, Eric Radcliffe