Isn't It Funny How Your Body Works
Warsaw Ghetto
Let Your Body Learn
Join In the Chant
Control I'm Here
Hearts & Minds
Lightning Man
Fun To Be Had
Getting Closer
I Give To You
Godhead (All States Promo)
Cherry Blossom
Kick It
I Thought
Get Clean
&nbsp - (2 items)
Shame (2001)
Let Your Body Learn (2002)
Murderous (2004)
Join In The Chant (2006)
Control I'm Here (2006)

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Nitzer Ebb - Get Clean


Artist: Nitzer Ebb
Title: Get Clean
Format: 12"
Catalouge number: 12Neb6
Country: UK
Label: Mute
Release Year:
Press: Normal release


A 1. Get Clean 5.16
B 1. Get Clean Raw Sex Without Rhythm 5.15

Remixed/Produced by:

A 1. Phil Harding
B 1. Phil Harding


Artist: Nitzer Ebb
Title: Get Clean
Format: CD
Catalouge number: CDNeb6
Country: UK
Label: Mute
Release Year:
Press: Normal release

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CD 1. Get Clean 5.16
  2. Get Clean Raw Sex Without Rhythm 5.15

Remixed/Produced by:

CD 1. Phil Harding
  2. Phil Harding